About Us

Columbia Glazing Systems Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of architectural glazing systems for the commercial building industry. Specializing in unitized and site glazed curtain wall. Columbia’s landmark construction projects include airports, hotels, universities and shopping centers. We offer a complete portfolio of glazing solutions including:

  • Unitized curtain wall
  • Site glazed curtain wall
  • Speciality glass walls
  • Entrances and storefronts
  • Windows and doors
  • Skylights and Canopies
  • Interior glass and glazing
  • Sunshades

At Columbia Glazing Systems, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide glazing solutions that integrate seamlessly with unique designs. Using the latest technology, our experienced team of draftspersons, engineers, project managers and fabricators have you covered at every step from concept and design, to fabrication and installation.

Our People

Simply put, we attract and retain the building industry’s most technically gifted project managers, draftspersons, and design engineers. Our dedicated and loyal team pour years of combined experience into every project.

Taking on Challenges

We have worked on some of the most complex glazing systems. Where other glazing manufacturers turn down highly specialized bespoke projects, Columbia is ready and willing to work on your projects, ensuring that designs on paper take physical form without compromise.

Fully Integrated

Columbia Glazing Systems is a ‘full circle’ glazing solutions provider. We offer complete project integration from conceptualization, design, development and testing, to engineering, manufacturing and installation.

We are continuously evolving to meet and exceed the demands of green building. Having participated in Gold, Silver and Bronze LEED™ projects, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of glazing design and manufacturing, allowing us to take on every job with sustainability in mind.