Canopies and Overhead Glazing

Columbia Glazing is a leading manufacturer of overhead glazing including skylights and canopies. Architects and building contractors have been taking advantage of Columbia’s overhead glazing systems for over 30 years. All canopy’s, custom or standard are fully manufactured in-house. We have worked on numerous high profile overhead glazing projects in Canada, supplying products that span the full spectrum of design; from heavy duty aluminum clad statement canopies to minimalist floating glass designs. The majority of the systems we manufacture are designed to maximize natural light whilst providing protection from the elements. Our team of project managers and design engineers ensure that every product has been manufactured to meet building codes and safety requirements.

  • Curved systems
  • Seated canopies
  • Suspended canopies
  • Cantilever design
  • Point supported
  • Spider fittings
  • Exposed edge glazing