Exceptional light control

Columbia sunshade systems are used on high performance “smart” buildings with aesthetic appeal in mind. From single blade prefabricated and fully assembled sun shades to multiple blade customized systems, we can provide a wide range of blade sizes, finishes and angle options that can be integrated easily with surrounding curtain wall, entrances and storefronts. Our sunshades are manufactured into modular or unitized forms at our facility in Burnaby, ensuring speedy installation once on site. Columbia sunshade systems reduce direct sunlight whilst maintaining a view by re-directing and deflecting sunlight, greatly minimizing glare and heat gain.

  • Fabricated aluminum sunshades
  • Horizontal and vertical sunshades
  • Cantilevered models
  • Single and multiple blade configurations
  • Pivoting systems that offer flexibility
  • Fabricated from the highest quality aluminum
  • Integrates seamlessly with surrounding glazing systems
  • Available in anodized and custom colour finishes
  • Potential contribution for up to three LEED™ certification criteria
  • Exceptional solar heat gain control